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Hand Piecing – for maximum flexibility and suprising efficency learn how easy and convenient hand piecing can be. Two basic approaches and the best uses for each. No gadgets or machinery needed to make your quilt. Complex and curved piecing turns out to be far easier than anyone imagined. If you can draw it, you can sew it…

Hand Appliqué – useful, and easy. From raw-edge techniques to beautiful needleturn. Appliqué is a flexible medium that has a lot of ‘presence’ in a quilt for the work it takes. 3-D and special techniques are lots of fun and look comples, but often don’t require wonderful stitching – there is an appliqué technique that suits everyone!

Hand Quilting – how to get that superfine quilting stitich, but more important, learn other types of quilting stitch that are quicker and easier and allow you to finish your own quilt with the right kind of quilting for the piece. Marking, Big-stitch quilting, using alternative threads, tacking, knotting, tufting…

Machine Piecing – Total accuracy, improve your piecing and spend less time un-sewing. Cutting and piecing techniques that really do save time and frustration, and of course, produce beautiful points.

Machine Quilting – for a speedy finish or specialised effect. Learn how to machine quilt using your walking foot and free-motion foot. Discover the possibilities and explore alternative threads, putting specialist threads in the bobbin. Layering and marking for machine quilting, and selecting the best quilting designs for your project. Quilt as you go possibilities for dealing with large quilts.

Curved Piecing – Draft and make Drunkard’s Path to understand how to make almost any curved block. See how to piece it easily – without all those pins, for a smooth even curve with no clipping, and the seam allowance lies easily in either direction. If we’ve time, we can follow with some free-form curves, for some quick relaxation after all that accuracy!

Upcoming Workshops

Mariners Compass Weekend Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, 27th & 28th February, 2016

In this two-day workshop we will learn to draft, and make, Mariner’s Compass Blocks, and look at some of the design issues of putting them in a quilt.

This block looks complex, but just like the Feathered Star from January, it’s all about breaking it down into straightforward and do-able steps. We will learn how to pre-plan your colour placement, keep track of those colours and placements, so that even if you are interrupted, you don’t loose track of where everything goes.

We will also look at a number of methods for setting your Compass into a square block. Drafting in the back-ground, or two methods of setting the compass into a circle.

As usual, we gather at 9.30 for coffee and ‘something nice’ for class to start at 10.00.
We take a break at 1.00 for Emer’s famous lunches(!) in the dinning room. And class finishes at 5.00, but the studio is available in the evenings and early mornings for anyone who wants to ‘sew on’!

Some accommodation is available at Emer’s B&B, (first come first served) and we are happy to give advice on places to stay nearby.

Price: €190. Emer’s Famous Lunches, snacks and treats included.
Bring List: The bring list is very simple, anything special will be provided.
Questions: Please contact


Sun 9th January | enquire »

Natural/Plant Dyeing

Sat & Sun 15th & 16th August | enquire »

From the plant to the patchwork – All the beautiful shades and tones from natural plant dying, and how to use them in your work. In this workshop we will explore methods of natural dying with a range of plants, and Cochineal bugs (dead!), using a variety of fabrics and threads. We will then use your beautiful fabrics and threads in some patchwork and appliqué – and consider how to incorporate them into your work.

Rachel Wolstenholme is coming to the studio, bringing with her all her expertise, and hopefully some of that Spanish coast sunshine! Everything you need will be at the workshop. The plants we use will be from Rachel’s dye garden in Spain, and from her family home in Courtmacsherry. We will explore the dying of all types of fabrics and threads – Cotton, Silk, Wool and Linen. If you have fabrics that you would like to use, bring them along.

This workshop will run from 10.00am to 4.30/5.00pm. Gathering from 9.30am for coffee and ‘a little something’ and to get settled in, so we’re ready to get started at 10.00. All the fabric and dye will be provided. Numbers will be very limited, so that everyone can have a good opportunity to really explore the possibilities of the various processes.

Price: €180. Emer’s famous Lunches, snacks and treats included.


November Retreat – Scrap Patchwork Quilts

6th,7th & 8th November | enquire »


Get away from it all before the Christmas season is upon us with all its madness! Take a break, learn something new, and sew, and sew and sew…

We will explore a wide range of techniques that are specifically suitable for scraps – not just patchwork cotton scraps, but for a range of fabrics. Scrap quilt might also be called multi-fabric quilts, we’ll look at the helpful rules and guidelines for combining all those ‘interesting’ buys, and fabrics you used to love! We all have a stash, and this is the opportunity to try out techniques, and to develop quilts that are best suited for using up your particular range of fabrics.

Learn how to do an audit of your personal collection (every stash is different), and pick techniques and styles that reflect that collection and give you the quilts you want, whether they are for a particular occasion or special recipient. The design possibilities are endless – and remember, there is no such thing as an unusable fabric! We can clear out those shelves, and make beautiful quilts!!!

Explore various finishing possibilities – finish your quilt yourself, quickly and inexpensively.

Be prepared to sew and sew – we have techniques that will suit both hand and machine enthusiasts.
Numbers are limited for maximum comfort, and to allow individuals to develop different lines of interest.

Price: €250 for Three-day workshop, and Emer’s famous Lunches & snacks each day.

B&B info on request. Some limited B&B possibilities at the studio, and lots of places nearby.
Don’t forget, that Cork City is fun to visit, you have easy access to West Cork and Kerry, and we are happy to make recommendations if you want to include the weekend in a mini-break, and take in the sights.

Kits available for anyone travelling internationally.

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