Scrap Patchwork

NOVEMBER RETREAT – 6th,7th & 8th

Get away from it all before the Christmas season is upon us with all its madness! Take a break, learn something new, and sew, and sew and sew…

We will explore a wide range of techniques that are specifically suitable for scraps – not just patchwork cotton scraps, but for a range of fabrics. Scrap quilt might also be called multi-fabric quilts, we’ll look at the helpful rules and guidelines for combining all those ‘interesting’ buys, and fabrics you used to love! We all have a stash, and this is the opportunity to try out techniques, and to develop quilts that are best suited for using up your particular range of fabrics.

Learn how to do an audit of your personal collection (every stash is different), and pick techniques and styles that reflect that collection and give you the quilts you want, whether they are for a particular occasion or special recipient. The design possibilities are endless – and remember, there is no such thing as an unusable fabric! We can clear out those shelves, and make beautiful quilts!!!

Explore various finishing possibilities – finish your quilt yourself, quickly and inexpensively.

Be prepared to sew and sew – we have techniques that will suit both hand and machine enthusiasts.

Numbers are limited for maximum comfort, and to allow individuals to develop different lines of interest.

Price: €250 for Three-day workshop, and Emer’s famous Lunches & snacks each day.

B&B info on request. Some limited B&B possibilities at the studio, and lots of places nearby.

Don’t forget, that from Cork City is fun to visit, you have easy access to West Cork and Kerry, and we are happy to make recommendations if you want to include the weekend in a mini-break, and take in the sights.

Kits available for anyone travelling internationally.

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