Mariner’s Compass – Weekend Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, 27th & 28th February 2016

In this two-day workshop we will learn to draft, and make, Mariner’s Compass Blocks. We will also look at various types of Compass blocks, and at some of the design issues of putting them in a quilt.
This block looks complex, but just like the Feathered Star from January, it’s all about breaking it down into straightforward and do-able steps. Learn how to get the sharp points sharp, and the curves nice and smooth. See how to keep track of colours and placements, so that even if you are interrupted, you don’t loose track of where everything goes.
We will also look at a number of methods for setting your Compass into a square block.

As usual, we gather at 9.30 for coffee and ‘something nice’ for class to start at 10.00. We take a break at 1.00 for Emer’s famous lunches(!) in the dinning room. And class finishes at 5.00, but the studio is available in the evenings and early mornings for anyone who wants to ‘sew on’!

Price: 2 day workshops, lunches and snacks €190
Bring List: You will receive a bring list on booking, anything specialised will be provided.
Questions: Contact

Accommodation: There is some accommodation at the studio (on a first come, first served basis) and there is lots of accommodation nearby – happy to give recommendations.

Quilters flying in: kits and equipment will be made available, please arrange at booking.

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