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Beginner’s Classes – for those with little or no experience in Patchwork and Quilting, the beginners course gives you everyting you need to get started:

Patchwork, Appliqué, Quilting, by hand and by machine

Settings, sashing, borders, binding.

Basic drafting and colour confidence.

Beginners are welcome to join the course at any time.

Patchwork Classes – for those with some experience who want to broaden or improve their range of skills and quilters of all levels:

Everything! Whether you want help with an existing project, want to develop or design a new project or just want to improve your range of skills – we can do it all! Design and make your own unique quilts, and other items, while learning new techniques and improving your expertise.

Scrap Quilts
A series of one-day workshops on using your own unique collection (accumulation, backlog?) of fabrics.

This is not just about using particular selections of fat quarters, but using all your scraps, no matter how tiny, irregular, or useless they might apear. (You did keep them all, so you must be hoping that you can do something with them!)

There are endless possibilities for scrap quilts! Each workshop will focus on one topic. We will cover a wide range of techniques and possibilities and design each persons quilts based on their own collection and needs. Some of the techniques we will cover:

  • Foundation approaches
  • String quilts and other possibilities
  • Log cabin variations and improvisations
  • Scraps in formal patterns
  • Design stratagies for dealing with ‘unharmonious’ and disparate collections (aka ugly and/or clashing!)
  • Strip based designs
  • Raw-edge possibilities
  • Using non-patchwork fabrics and recycled clothes
  • ‘Sew-Cut-Sew’ techniques
  • Hand piecing and appliqué in using up scraps
  • Focus on value, and courage with colour in traditional blocks
  • Improvise, improvise! Respond to your particular collection with an understanding of improvisational techniques
Course Information

Ongoing Courses can be held at the Quilt Studio or Emer can come to you at your venue. These courses are designed to be flexible to the needs of the group. One-day workshops allow for a greater range of travel, but evening courses will have a more limited range.

Short Courses can be run here in the Quilt Studio or Emer can come to you at your venue. These courses are designed as a series of related one-day workshops and ideally can be set up to meet the needs of a particular group.

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