Creative Textiles

Creative TextilesInformation
One and two-day workshops aimed at experienced textile and crafts people who want to move on in their own work and play around with new ideas and materials. Our approach to textiles etc., including fabrics, fibres and papers is broad and innovative, encouraging exploration and developing vocbulary.

These workshops will have no more than 6-8 people, and will meet in the comfort of the Quilt Studio. Each workshop will have a specific focus.

Focus Topics may include: Fabric Texturing and Manipulation; Paint on paper and cloth; Paper and fabric Collage; Structure and Improvisation; and Abstracting Images. We will be delighted to include specific topics on request. In addition, each workshop will incorporate a critique period during which people can seek feedback on their individual work from tutors and group members.

If you are considering being part of the Creative Textiles Workshops and don’t know if they are for you, or have not worked with us before, we would be very happy to meet you, or speak to you, to discuss any questions you may have and whether these workshops are for you.

The Creative Textile workshops are designed to be full-day, or two-day workshops held occasionally throughout the year..

Workshops will run from 10am-5.00pm, with the studio open for half an hour before and with flexible closing afterwards! For two-day workshops the studio will be available for use all evening.

Venue: will be the Irish Quilt and Design Studio.

Cost: To be announced. Lunches & Treats included!

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