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Diploma in Design & Craft – Patchwork & Quilting
Irish Quilt & Design, will be offering C&G Diploma level courses again. This course is aimed at the experienced patchworker and/or stitcher. The diploma course is specifically designed for those who want to push themselves beyond their current boundaries and develop an individual voice.

This course will be available via St. John’s Central College, Sawmill Street, Cork. To facilitate distance learning, this course will be offered as a combinations of studio based workshops, in intensive 4-5 day courses, and on-line support.

Online Diploma in Design & Craft – Patchwork & Quilting
The City & Guilds Diplomal Level course will be available on-line, through this website. This version of the course is aimed at advanced level students who are committed and who enjoy the challenge of working independently.

Each module will be presented on video, with the content accessible only to registered students. These will be accompanied by structured exercises to expand on the concepts introduced in the video. Students’ work will be assessed on-line at the end of each module. Further discussion of work will take place at the one-day workdays. There will be regular “office hours” each week, where we will be available to interact and answer questions on-line. The on-line aspect of the course will be supported by summer schools that will be held at the Irish Quilt and Design Studio.

This course will be available through St. John’s Central College, Sawmill Street, Cork.

Course Information
A course introduction meeting for On-line or distance students, will be held before the commencement of any course. This will be aimed at anyone taking the course, or even just interested in the possibility of taking it.

Course Commences: To be announced.

Note: We will do a technical trial run with people before the course starts, just to check that everything works!

Venues: The course will be held in the Irish Quilt & Design Studio.

Summer schools will also be held in the Studio, and will utilise nearby Student Accommodation.


Dates for both to be announced.

Cost: The cost of the course is to be announced, and will be payable to St. John’s College.

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